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• The Great Wall


I visited the Great Wall of China in winter, which was a very cold time to go, so I acquired this Arctic-style orange jacket which just about did the trick of keeping me warm. The temperatures there at that time of year are well below freezing, and the air is so crisp.


The thing that surprised me the most was just how steep the wall is. The picture above does not exaggerate the incline.

It’s about 90 minutes drive outside of Beijing, and a real contrast to the densely-packed, smog-choked metropolis.


In this picture you can see the 2008 Olympic sign behind me. As I recall I got some chopsticks here, which I am still using today!

After the Wall, we drove back into Beijing and went for hotpot. The restaurant was freezing (or I was ill, I can’t remember which) so I kept my coat on the whole meal. It was an awesome hotpot place though, and I remember mixing my dipping sauce from about 50 different ingredients (Chinese pic-n-mix!).


And after dinner we went to see some acrobatics. The performers were very colourful and, of course, incredibly agile. And of course the theatre was freezing cold too!