Hi, I am basically someone who enjoys the variety of experiences that visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites has to offer. I tend to travel with my girlfriend, Natalie – but I’ll take any opportunity that comes my way to get out and tick another one off!

I will keep this map updated with places visited and posted about. Yellow labels with a dot in them signify whole WHSs. Labels without a dot indicate component parts of a wider WHS.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Ian

    Hi Tom, I just saw your blog after catching your reviews over at worldheritagesite.org. interesting to have a read through your travels and welcome to the club of people who spend a little too much time and money going to WHS and sampling the local brews. I look forward to reading about your upcoming travels.

    1. Tom Livesey Post author

      Ian – I always enjoy reading your reviews on Els’s site, including your ratings out of 10.
      Good to know a fellow Brit WHS enthusiast! I have plenty of trips planned over the coming twelve months!

  2. Ian

    Great, I look forward to reading about them.
    I saw your flightmap as well, blimey that is a lot of flying! Impressive

  3. Thibault

    Hi Tom,
    It is great to read your reviews and see your pics!

    “Visiting as many as possible of the 1,031 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world.”
    Well, it seems that we have a common goal. I have been living with that one since 2011 and my count is today 172. I am French and I currently live in Luxembourg, from where I escape as often as possible to add new sites to my collection.

    I think it would make a lot of sense for us to exchange a bit on our common objective and passion and to get to know each other. I am also on Els’s site.

    You can contact me by email or on this post.

    I look forward to reading some new posts.



    1. Tom Livesey Post author

      172 is good going – you’re roughly double my count so far!
      My friend used to live in Luxembourg so I visited a few times.
      I’ll send you an email.

  4. Clyde

    Hey there. I’m glad I can read more about your travels. It’s Clyde from Malta (actually living in Luxembourg now). We seem to also share the same obsession of spotting the UNESCO inscription plaques. I’ve started counting my WHS visits in 2011 and I’m now at 360.

    1. Tom Livesey Post author

      Good to see you’ve found it Clyde. I’ve think I’ve used your brief reviews on Els Slots’s site many times to get some information to plan my own visits!


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